For Whom?

We created a way in which everybody can participate in a general Mastermind Intensive.

We organize several Mastermind groups:
1. General MMI group: for everybody
Goal:we start working on each others questions, make them clearler and help you to find your answer
Very inspiring and powerfull! We also celebrate your succes!

2. MMI Group exclusive: for example as a follow up of a followed seminar (T.Harv Eker, Anthony Robbins, etc.)
– for specific group of people like entrepeneurs
– people with same interest
– around specific topis (project,question)
Interested to join in Mastermind Group exclusive? Please sent your “topic” to us and we will connect people with the same topic!

Each group is hosts by a facilitator.

Participating in general Mastermind Intensive group is open for everybody.
You can participate whenever you like. Either one or more times . Whatever you like

The Mastermind Intensive Exclusive contents a serie of meetings, which will be decide with the groupmembers and facilitator. A commitment of stay and work together as a group is obliged.

Our goal is also to connect people with each other national and internationally.
We can reach that by administrate your questions and connect you with other people.

As we invetarise needs we can also organise workshops, lectures, event, etc.

You can also set up your own mastermind intensive and we can support you!
Organize a group of people yourself (minimum 5 persons ) and contact us for support.
We can,for example,supply professional Mastermind Intensive facilitator.

Many people form mastermind groups to help build their business. But business mastermind groups aren’t the only type of masterminding going on these days!

Mastermind groups are becoming more and more popular. I found a research to find out what types of people are forming mastermind groups. This list might give you some creative ideas for starting a mastermind group of your own:

People who are:
small business owners & entrepreneurs
CEOs and executive-level managers
new managers
sales people
real estate investors
recently divorced
internet marketers
painting contractors
retirees and soon-to-be retirees
inter-departmental employees working as a team
People who want success in:
network marketing
living the law of attraction
fitness & vitality
growing a business
building wealth
creating a healthy lifestyle
dealing with people
finding a new romantic partner in life
dealing with teenagers
adding more spirituality to their lives
trainingcompanies who organize seminars, trainings and want follow up for their participants

Mastermind groups…not just for business anymore!

Mastermind Intensive incompany:
We also organize incompany Mastermind Intensive session.
Please contact us for more details:
Ruud Brouwer +31 (0) 644670573


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