MasterMind Intensive

“Keep the fire going”

Did you receive energizeboost from T.Harv Eker, Anthony Robbins, Open Circles and other trainings/seminars and want to keep your enegergy high?

Welcome to Mastermind Intensive!

Are you ready to make the next steps to reach your goals towards your mission?

Join Mastermind Intensive today and start growing now!

We organize several Mastermind groups:
1. General MMI group: for everybody
Goal:we start working on each others questions, make them clearler and help you to find your answer
Very inspiring and powerfull! We also celbrate your succes!
2. Specific MMI Group/ Mastermind intensive exclusive:
– for example as a follow up of a followed seminar (T.Harv Eker, Anthony Robbins, etc.)
– for specific group of people like entrepeneurs
Interested to join in Specific Group? Please sent the “topic” to us and we will connect people with the same topic!

Each group is hosts by a facilitator.

Our goal is also to connect people with each other national and internationally.
We can reach that by administrate your questions and connect you with other people.

As we inventarise needs we can also organise workshops, lectures, events, etc.

Warm regards,

MasterMind Intensive TEAM

2 Reacties op “Blog

  1. Hallo Ruud,

    Leuk initiatief.

    Hoop je gauw te spreken.

    Groetjes Cornelis

  2. super initiatief! ben er graag bij veronica

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